Mobile Industrial Robots

Mobile Industrial Robots is a world leader in the Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR) market. Offering multiple carrying and towing platforms, MIR provides all the features a customer needs to leverage safe, collaborative mobile robotics in their production environment. MIR’s 100kg, 200kg and 500kg versions boast power carrying and towing capabilities, a fully-functioning Safety PLC with 360 degree safety scanning capabilities, and powerful onboard programming interfaces served up via web server to any device.

Easy to use Interface

MIR’s programming interface is an easy to understand and intuitive interface. Using any web browser, users can connect to the robot’s web server and begin to manually move the robot, teach it new maps, and program motion routines, referred to as missions, around various points in your facility. Users can mark positions for the robot to stop, move slowly, sound alarms and flash lights, and pause to wait for external signals from machinery and PLC communications via a wireless connection. Users can also deploy the robot on missions using interface dashboards. It literally takes fifteen minutes to map an area and begin moving the robot around programmed points in your facility. The best part is, you don’t have to be a robotics engineer to master the platform.

Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

The MIR500 robot, capable of 500kg (1100lbs) of payload

MIR’s interface, substantial payloads and algorithms combined make it a cost-effective robot to integrate into your production. It’s usefulness in carrying materials, inventory, finished goods and raw materials to various places in your facility will free up your personnel to do more productive things. This means a fast return on investment–arguably the fastest return on investment you’ll ever experience in a robot.

Collaborative Safety

As with any robot, safety is key, and MIR has deployed their robots with a third-party-certified suite of safety sensors and controls. Each robot comes equipped with a safety PLC and a set of area scanners, making the robot capable of detecting it’s environment, obstructions, and can quickly stop to avoid injury. Robot speed can automatically adjust to a slower mode as both static and dynamic obstructions move into it’s scanned field, and can quickly react to sudden intrusions into it’s safety areas.

Moreover, the MIR robot lineup comply with theĀ  EN1525 safety regulations governing Collaborative Industrial Mobile Robotics, so you can be sure MIR’s robots are safely used on your facility’s floor, in close proximity to employees and assets, without having to modify your facility to accomodate.

The MIR200 robot, capable of 200kg (440lb) payload.


MIR’s robot suite is fully autonomous; no guide wires, reflectors or other external devices or sensors are required. MIR’s quick and easy setup involves manually driving the robot through the areas it will work, so it can plot out maps using it’s onboard IR and laser scanners. Using cutting-edge cartographic algorithms, the robot will draw a map of your facility, which you can then use to plot different points for the robot to travel.

A Flexible Platform to Integrate into your Production

MIR’s flexiblity and large payloads provide a substantial platform to develop any number of applications using external hardware, PLCs, conveyors, and a variety of complimentary motions and devices to make your robot do more. Providing ModBus connectivity to and from robot to external devices, your robot can interact with equipment in your facility AND deployed on the top of the robot itself. What you do with your robot is limited only by your imagination.

Lydey Automation Can Help

MIR100 robot with optional MIRHook

As an authorized distributor for MIR, Lydey Automation can help you discover the MIR with an onsite visit with the robot. We can demostrate the robot’s capabilities in real-world applications, show how your robot would traverse your facility, plot points and discuss ways to use your robot to increase your production. We can help you calculate your robot’s ROI, help you integrate your robot into your production, and connect you with third party products that further extend your robot’s productivity with onboard conveyors, manipulators and peripherals.

Want to learn more?

For more information from Lydey Automation, including an in-house demonstration of the MIR200 robot, please provide us with some contact info. We'll get back to you right away.

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