Pneumatic Training Module 1 — Valve Basics

An introduction to basic industrial valve concepts, with a focus on introducing students to definitions and regularly-used terms. Students will come away with understanding rudimentary concepts of pneumatic valves, and be prepared for more advanced modules.

Prerequisites: None
Time Required: 20-30 minutes

Pneumatic Training Module 2 — Directional Control Valves

A deeper dive into industrial valves, focusing on the most prevalent types of valves, directional control valves. Students will review brand nonspecific valve types, see graphical and animated representations of valves and cylinders, and participate in discussions about practical and impractical application of valves.

Prerequisites: Module 1 — Valve Basics
Time Required: 60-75 minutes

Pneumatic Training Module 3 — Actuators

Review of common pneumatic actuators, their applications common uses (and misuses). Students will review valving options for cylinders and discuss common application challenges using actuators. Students will also explore other actuators less-commonly used, as well as discuss and be presented with common challenging actuator applications.

Prerequisites: Module 2 — Directional Control Valves
Time Required: 75-90 minutes

Pneumatic Training Module 4 — Stopping Motion with Three Position Valves

Review of the use of three position valves to effect mid position stops. Students will review reasons for mid position stops, and review several common methods of stopping actuators in mid position, and grade each method according to different parameters.

Prerequisites: Module 2 and Module 3
Time Required: 45-60 minutes

Pneumatic Training Module 5 — Air Preparation Technologies

Review fo the common methods for cleaning and optimizing an air supply for use in an industrial setting. Students will learn key concepts associated with treatment of compressed air.

Prerequisites: Pneumatic Training Module 1
Time Required: 30-45 minutes