About Us

Lydey Automation is a leading distributor of Industrial Automation Technology, founded by Donald and Valerie Lydey in 1976 to provide pneumatic automation technology to manufacturers in Ohio. Today, Lydey Automation is Second Generation-Owned automation technology company, focused on providing pneumatic and electric automation products to manufacturers across the northern half of Ohio and much of Southeastern Michigan.


For Our Existing Customers:

Our existing customers consistently tell us that the most valuable thing we can bring to the table is a high degree of product knowledge and competency, as well as a very good understanding of automation concepts. Our customers want our salespeople to understand how to help them select automation technology, and our customers also want to know that they have a deep well of resources and assistance when procuring automation technology. And that’s precisely what we think is the cornerstone of our relationships with all of our customers. So we work at building our understanding of automation technology with rigorous and regular training on the products we sell, so that we’re the experts on the products we sell.


For Our Future Customers:

Our existing customers know that we’re not catalog jockeys, and we’re not a group of transient salespeople, interested in what you want to buy today. Our customers have come to realize that Lydey Automation is a deep resource for technical know-how and project assistance, coupled with an inside sales team that works to meet and exceed your delivery and service expectations. We want to work with you now and long into the future. We don’t just want customers, we want partnerships.


For Our Manufacturers:

Lydey Automation works to develop relationships with our manufacturers when they benefit both parties. We’re picky about the companies with whom we create these partnerships. We have a strategic attitude toward the manufacturers we represent. We know that we’re only as good as the company we keep, so we make sure that the company we keep is worthy of our customers, for whom our whole model is centered. But when we find a strategic partner we feel would bring real value to our customers, we invest heavily in being a partner our manufacturers can treat as an example to other distributors, with significant investments in product demo hardware, consistent product training, and technology support to our customers.


For Our Prospective New Team Members:

Lydey Automation is equally picky about who we bring into our group. We want our group to be a tight-knit group of professionals, continually challenged in their environment, and we want our people to grow professionally. We want team members who aren’t afraid to try new things and to develop their skillsets within our organization. If you think you’re a good fit with us, let us know by dropping us a line at resumes@lydey.com