Eden Safety Sensors

Versatility, High Safety Level, Easy Installation and Great Diagnostics. That’s the Eden Safety Sensor.


The Eden Safety sensor from ABB Jokab Safety represents the pinnacle in machine safety sensing. Far more than just a door sensor, the Eden line of safety sensors can be used to detect a myriad of motions, positions and conditions that your safety system needs to detect in order to keep your personnel and customers safe.


Sensor Versatility

The Eden sensor can be mounted in a number of ways to provide the safety function of your safety system. The sensor simply needs to have the actuator within 15mm of it’s face to provide a safe output to your safety controller or safety relay. This gives you a tool to guard not just doors, but anything else on your machine that has a ‘safe position’ or default safe location. Plus, all of the Eden line of sensors are rated to IP69K for harsh environments.


High Level of Safety

Eden safety sensors can play an integral part of your safety system, providing a Category 4, Performance Level E (PLe) with just one sensor per door, wired in series. This provides you the highest safety level achievable in machine safety, all within even the tightest budgets.


Easy Installation

Because the sensor is non-magnetic and non-contact, Eden sensors are highly forgiving of misalignment, providing a 15mm maximum gap between sensor and actuator. This eliminates the nuisance faults of safety relays and provides new machine builders and legacy machine retrofitters a much easier way to mount sensors.


Convenient Operator Diagnostics

In addition to providing operators of equipment with a visual status of their own condition (open or closed), the sensors can also provide an indication of the condition of sensors upstream quickly with LED color indication. And in addition, a nonsafe, informational output can be wired to your PLC for annunciation on an HMI panel as well.


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