The Five Disciplines

Any good company has to focus on what their strengths are. Some companies call them core competencies; we would rather call them our disciplines. Referring to what we’re good at as a ‘discipline’ conveys our commitment to forever refining our abilities and always becoming better at what we do. We’re constantly driving our manufacturers to deliver better, faster products that really impact our customers’ bottom lines. We’re constantly challenging our customers’ ideas of how to apply automation to improve their use of technology to improve their bottom line.


Pneumatic Automation

Fluid Power Automation was where our company got our start. Over time, we have developed a well-rounded portfolio of manufacturers, all with proven track records to deliver unique products. If it uses, manages, directs, controls or conveys compressed air, we have great solutions to your challenges.
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Robotics and Electric Motion

Robotics and electric motion are becoming ubiquitous on the factory floor. But the perception of many of our customers is that these technologies are difficult and expensive to approach and use. Our focus on robotics and electric motion is to work to take the mystery out of using and applying these products to machine builders and end users alike. Our manufacturers in this discipline are aligned in this purpose, seeking to put robotics and electric motion technologies into the hands of customers unfamiliar with these technologies, in a manner that is focused on inexpensive cost of ownership.
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Machine Safety

Everyone wants to go home at night to their families safely, and manufacturers know that a safe workforce is also a productive workforce. Our customers also know that machine safety, as well as the standards and directives of different organizations responsible for guiding the safe usage of these technologies, can sometimes be confusing or even contradictory. And that’s where we come in. Our competent group of manufacturers in this space are very knowledgeable on how to apply new and existing technologies to bridge the gap between safe and unsafe, with a mind for making sure your manufacturing process is still profitable.
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Vision and Sensing

Our customers are pushed every day to improve their processes, increase their quality, reduce their waste and increase productivity. Often times, all these needs start first at the acquisition of information. Automation requires the detection of position, length, angle, speed, rate, pressure, as well as qualitative analysis of something to ensure that products going out are flawless. We can help guide you to use these technologies to your benefit to increase your quality and, in turn, your effectiveness to compete.
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Automation Controls

Your automation system requires many different devices to control power, control information, control movement and apply logic to function. Our automation controls manufacture products that provide you with information, logic, discreet and process control in your manufacturing environment.
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