Aventics is a global manufacturer of pneumatic automation products and systems. Formerly the Bosch Rexroth line of pneumatic automation, Aventics is a global company with a focus on pneumatic factory automation products.

Aventics manufactures valves, cylinders, motion control products, as well as advanced products like Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products to help customers optimize their pneumatic product usage and help plan for preventive maintenance events effectively.

Emerson has planned to combine both the Numatics offering of valves, FRLs, actuators and fieldbus electronics, and the Aventics product line, under the Aventics name, and will continue to offer legacy Numatics products under the Numatics heading.

As a full line distributor for Aventics products, Lydey Automation can help you specify Aventics products for your project or equipment.


Aventics offers products that fall within our Pneumatic Automation product group, our Machine Safety product group and our Automation Controls product group.