Other Manufacturers

Our manufacturers below supply our customers with additional automation and support products to help their automation projects succeed. Below you’ll find links to their websites for more information.



Compact Automation Products

Manufactures compact form air cylinders, slides, and grippers. Part of our Pneumatic Automation Group.




Manufactures rotary vane-style rotary actuators in small, medium and extra large formats. Part of our Pneumatic Automation Group.



Freelin WadeFreelin Wade

Manufactures plastic nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene and tubing for food and other application-specific areas. Part of our Pneumatic Automation Group


Camozzi-smallCamozzi Pneumatics

Manufactures nickel-plated brass push-to-connect fittings in inch and metric sizes; also provides pipe fittings, along with specialized valve, ISO-style cylinders and accessory products. Part of our Pneumatic Automation Product Group


NGT-smallNGT Valves

Manufactures Pilot-Operated Check (PO Check) valves, balancing valves, and other special application valves. Part of our Pneumatic Automation Group.


Fabco AirFabco-Air, Inc.

Manufactures the Pancake and Pancake II line of air cylinders, as well as press and power booster cylinders, valves and accessories.Part of our Pneumatic Automation Group.


Red LionRed Lion

Manufactures Interface, communications and indication controls products, including HMIs, Overhead plant annunciation and KPI displays, protocol conversion, process control and network control products. Part of our Automation Controls Product Group.


GSM, Inc.GSM America Logo

Manufactures quality steel perimeter fencing, compliant to ISO 12100-2 and RIA 15.06.2012 standards, the latest standards of fencing safety. Part of our Machine Safety Product Group.


Computar Computar Logo

Computar manufactures vision lensing of all varieties, for a variety of applications, in both standard and variable focal length applications. Part of our Vision and Sensing Product Group



Advanced Illuminationadvanced illumniation Logo

Advanced Illumination manufactures vision lighting and illumination for industrial vision applications, including ring lights, back lights, dark field and bright field ring lights, lighting controllers, and accessories. Part of our Vision and Sensing Product Group



Smart Vision Lights smart-vision-lights-logo-e1447973921953

Smart Vision Lights manufactures industrial vision lighting for a variety of applications. Ring lights, back lights, bar lights, specialized machine vision lights and accessories. Part of our Vision and Sensing Product Group



Swivellink SWL Logo-01

Swivellink, Manufactured here in Ohio, produces an ingenious mounting system made of anodized aluminum components, that allows users to swivel and position sensors, vision cameras, lights, and operator stations in any manner they want, for flexible mounting. Swivellink also manufactures an ingenious conveyor system, and also applies their architecture to robotic end of arm tooling. Part of our Robotics and Electric Motion Product Group  as well as our Vision and Sensing Product group.