Orion Light Curtains

Easy to Install? Check.   Easy to Align? Yep.   Competitively priced? Uh-huh. 

Stocked at Lydey? Absolutely.


The Orion series light curtain represents the latest in light curtain technology from ABB Jokab Safety. With three different product series to match your needs and budget, the Orion delivers all the things that engineers want in a light curtain — a competitive price, fast delivery, ease of installation, and a high degree of safety and reliability.


Competitively Priced

The Orion1 Base light curtain, the entry-level and most popular light curtain model, delivers hand or finger protection at a fantastic price. And for that price, machine builders and manufacturers get a highly-reliable, third-party certified PLe and Category 4 Safety Device (ISO 13849-1) that provides the highest degree of protection.

Compact Design and Local Reset options

The Orion series boasts a supercompact footprint of 32mm x 36mm, which allows machine builders to tuck light curtains in and out of the way, increasing productivity and reducing the safety equipment’s footprint on the machine. Additionally, with the addition of a local reset wired inline with the light curtain, your cable management won’t be clogged with extraneous cabling.


Easy Installation and Alignment

Using industry-standard M12 8-pin and 5-pin connectors, the Orion series makes quick work of installation. Add to the mix any number of splitters and accessories to further reduce wiring points into the panel. Additionally, a visual alignment indicator on the light curtain tells you when you’re getting closer to perfect optical alignment in setup.


Locally Stocked for Fast Delivery

Perhaps the best part about the Orion series is that Lydey Automation stocks the Orion1 Base version — the most popular version — in the popular lengths for finger and hand protection. This means that you can count on getting fast delivery on your light curtain, controllers, cabling and accessories, directly from our stock.


An Integral Part of ABB Jokab Safety’s Full Machine Safety Offering — Locally Stocked

The Orion series light curtain can be in integral part of your larger ABB Jokab Safety system, including Safety PLCs, Safety Relays, E-Stop buttons, cables, accessories and other products, most of which we ship from our local stock in Northern Ohio.

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