Automation Controls

Controls Connectivity

Cordsets of all types, lengths, materials and varieties are available with quick delivery, and competitive pricing to ensure your project comes in under budget. We can provide sensor cables, Fieldbus communication cables, Power Transmission cable assemblies, receptacles and fieldwireable accessories round out the offering. We can also help you with modular data and power connection for modular equipment on your machine that may have frequent disconnections for transportation or tool changing.

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Fieldbus Connectivity

Clean up all the wiring on your machine with fieldbus connectivity for your hardware. Save significant dollars on your project when you land sensors, valves, and other outputs onto fieldbus-enabled products. We can provide in-cabinet and on-machine fieldbus products for any application, capturing discreet I/O, temperature, pressure, analog and a variety of other information.

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Power Conditioning, supply and management

Providing the right voltages and power to your control devices increases longevity and uptime. Make sure you’re trusting your power needs to manufacturers who are well-known for their high quality power supplies, control power transformers and power conditioners.




Circuit Protective Devices

Lydey Automation provides an array of circuit protective devices, including circuit breakers in miniature and standard formats, Power Circuit Breakers, Panel (UL98) and Local Service (UL508) disconnects.





Electrical Controls

Lydey Automation provides a vast selection of pilot lights, pushbuttons, power supplies, interposing relays, terminal blocks, signal conditioners and converters, and anything else your controls system would need.

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Motor Control

Lydey Automation offers a variety of motor control products for use in driving motors, including contactors in a variety of wiring applications, Manual Motor Controls (MMC) products, reversing contactors, as well as Softstarters for non-variable speed motor applications.





Machine Interface Products

Lydey Automation can provide you with products that display information on your equipment, and help operators and maintenance people interface with the controls systems of your machines with HMIs and a variety of Panel Meters.






Plant Floor Annunciation / KPI Indicators / Andon Boards

Lydey Automation can provide you with a sophisticated and inexpensive method to display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your manufacturing process on overhead displays.