Machine Safety

Complete Machine Safeguarding Systems

Lydey Automation can work with you to develop a safety system for your equipment that includes guidance on a risk assessment, as well as the controls in-cabinet, sensing on the machine, and the accessories to bring it all together.

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 Safety Sensing

We can provide a variety of components to use on your existing machine to sense human presence, or the opening of doors, the movement of safety-critical machinery, or anything else pertinent to the safety controls of a machine.


Safety Controls

As your machine grows in complexity, so may your safety requirements. Whether they are simple safety-rated relays, or fully-programmable Safety PLC systems, we can address the most simple or the most sophisticated machine safety logic needs you have.

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Machine Guarding

Sometimes, the best answer for machine safety is to just completely enclose the machine in machine perimeter guarding. Lydey Automation can help with that, providing you standard or special-application perimeter guarding for a variety of applications.

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