Pneumatic Automation

Pneumatic automation was the founding basis of our company, and still maintains a large portion of our focus on automation technology. Some of the products we sell within this group include:



Directional Control, Poppet-style and special-purpose valves enable the pneumatic motions of machines occur, and control the flow of compressed air and gas. Pair them with Ethernet-based control products to minimize interface to your controls system. Other valves we offer include air logic control valves, specialized PO check and cylinder control valves, and accessory valves such as flow controls and needle valves.
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Pneumatic motion devices of an almost endless variety. We represent several manufacturers who provide all manner of air cylinders, rotary and linear actuators and specialized motion products under this group.


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Slides, Gantries and Guided Motion

These form the building blocks of specialized pneumatic motion control, and can be developed into sophisticated motion control systems.
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Grippers and Workholding

We represent leading manufacturers in the world of pneumatic grippers and pneumatic workholding, as well as vacuum work holding and vacuum grippers. When you want a part to stay in control, we can help.

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Air Preparation

We have air preparation products that can help you filter and clean your air to maximize life expectancy of your pneumatic components.


Vacuum Products and Systems

Vacuum grippers, suction cups, vacuum generators, vacuum lifting and End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) products
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Tubing, Fittings and Accessories

Complete your pneumatic system with a variety of useful fittings and accessories, and plumb the entire thing using the right type, color, size and length of tubing for the job.
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