Robotics and Electric Motion

Collaborative Robotics (Cobots)

Collaborative Robotics promises manufacturers increased productivity through the collaboration of robots and humans on a production floor. Using methods of safeguarding and safety measures, collaborative robots and humans working together can increase flexibility and productivity.

Linear and Rotary Electric Motion products

Our linear and rotary actuators provide a cost-effective, precision motion product that gives users accurate speed, positioning capabilities in a low-cost package. Employing ballscrews and belt drive units for motion, and hypoid gear drives for rotary actuators, from petite to huge in size and payload.



Electric grippers

electric grippers for general and specialized gripping, provides customers with trouble-free electric gripping

End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT)

Using a robot doesn’t help if you don’t develop a good way to grab, grip, clamp, apply, dispense, stake, weld or even swap out tooling on your robot. Our manufacturers can provide you with clever solutions that accomplish your robot EOAT goals.

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SCARA Robots

Four-axis SCARA robots for pick-and-place, machine loading and unloading, palletizing and a variety of other high-speed automation applications.

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Cartesian Robots

Cartesian robots build from linear actuators in pre-configured kits for X/Y, X/Z and X/Y/Z configurations for any automation application where a cubic work area is required.



Six-Axis articulated Arm Robots

Six Axis robots combine fast motion with articulated arm functionality to address a variety of applications where SCARA robots can’t reach.


Vision-Guided Robots

Combine our vision products and our robotic products together to use vision to locate parts, tooling, work areas or anything else, for robotic applications

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Conveyor Tracking Robotics

The marriage of Vision, conveyor tracking and robotics provides uses with a highly flexible conveyor transfer system, where parts can fall indiscriminately onto conveyors, and transfer systems don’t need to use guides or fixturing for moving of parts.

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