Vision and Sensing

Industrial Machine Vision Systems

Whether you need a simple vision checking device, or you need a complex system of vision cameras and software, we can help with our wide range of line scan, area scan, frame grabber cameras and Gigabit-Ethernet enabled vision cameras.


Vision Lighting

Vision lighting is a large, if not the largest, part of a vision application. We carry a broad range of lighting products to illuminate any vision application you could ever have, and we have resources to help you decide how best to light an application.

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Vision Lenses

Vision challenges may also sometimes require specialized lensing, and we can provide that within our product offering.

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Photoelectric Part Presence Sensing

Lydey Automation can help you select photoelectric sensors for part presence, measuring, contrast, color or other aspect sensing.


Inductive/Capacitive Sensing

From simple inductive proximity sensors to feature-rich capacitive, Magnetic and analog sensing, Lydey Automation has you covered.

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Rotational and Linear Measurement

Lydey Automation carries encoders for linear and rotary applications that help you with your positional and measuring sensing applications.

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