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  • The Best Investment into Human Resources is Training.

    Lydey Automation's training program is comprised of different modules, each focusing on different disciplines within the automation world. These modules are designed with our customer's best use of time and resources in mind. Our modules have been specifically designed to:

    • Engage your people
    • Inform them and test their knowledge as they proceed through the modules
    • Enjoy the presentation, which further helps drive engagement
    • test them in a way that lets them use their knowledge in a friendly competition among the group
    • provide Professional Engineers with critical Continuing Education Credits with the conferrence of a certificate at the completion of all our modules

    These training modules are not glorified sales calls, but objective, product-nonspecific training sessions, designed to make your people smarter about automation technologies and concepts in general.

    The Who, The Where, The When, The How

    Engineers, maintenance technicians, designers, managers, anyone who has a stake in the function of automation technology is who we want to be in our training classes. And we can appreciate how training can be disruptive, so we are willing to come to you. While we can accommodate any schedule, we'd prefer, of course, to provide these training sessions during work hours, during the week.

    What We will need from you:

    For online sessions, all an attendee needs is a stable internet connection.

    For in-persons sessions:
    A classroom setting with a projector or large screen monitor
    a connection to the internet
    A whiteboard or paper easel to draw on

    What Attendees will need to bring:

    A willingness to learn
    Their Smartphones, or tablets, or any device that will provide them with the means to serve up a web page for quizzing while in class. Our experience has been that most people's smartphones (regardless of operating system) will work for this, and data usage will be minimal.

    Simply fill out the form below, to get started.

    Customer Training Checklist and FAQ (click to download)

  • Your company name, including your location if your company has more than one facility in Ohio
  • Please note: by providing your data below, we were refer to you as the 'primary contact' in your organization for the training session; all planning and coordinating of this training will happen through you. If you'd rather provide a different person for a main contact, please provide their information instead.
  • This will be the primary contact through which your salesperson will organize your training sessions
  • Please provide a number we're likely to be able to reach you at, in the event we need to.
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  • Attendee Info

  • Please note, the attendees you provide will not receive any emails or confirmations from us. The email provided at the top will be the only recipient of a confirmation. We request everyone's email in case there are any last-minute changes to communicate to all attendees.

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